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Privacy Statement

Commitment to Your Privacy

Liberated Living, LLC and Michele M. Yarberry, LPC, NCC, RPT (“We” and “Our”) value your privacy and the confidentiality of the information you choose to share. We want you to use this website without being concerned that others will have access to your confidential information. This statement pertains only to this website; Michele’s clients should also review the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

In almost all cases, you can use this website without sharing any personal information about yourself. The only information we learn about you is the information you voluntarily provide.

This statement is not intended to, and does not create, any contractual or other legal rights on behalf of any party. If you have any questions about this statement, please contact us via our Secure Confidential Contact Form.

Our Online Privacy Principles

We keeps confidential any information collected through our website. We keep confidential any personal information that you provide. This information may include your name, postal and email addresses, telephone number and other information you share. The personal information provided is stored in a secure location, and only authorized people are able to access it. We use your data only to provide the information or services you request, answer your questions and determine what information we should develop next for the website.

We do not use cookies or other technologies to track identifiable information about users. Our computer systems are not configured to track, collect or distribute personal or identifiable information about the people who visit our website. We do not automatically gather individual names, email addresses or other individually identifiable information.

Our website gathers information about visits to the pages that live on our server. We maintain statistics that show the total number of visitors to our website, requests received for pages on the website, and what domains or Internet service providers those requests come from (such as aol.com). We use this information internally to improve services. Although these statistics may be provided to others, they do not contain, and cannot be used to obtain, personal information about any individual website user.

We will not send you email newsletters or other electronic communications about services, programs or website features. We do not send email newsletters or any other electronic communication to our clients regarding our services, programs, or website features. Non-clients and members of the public may choose to access our website to avail themselves to any content made available here.

We will tell you if any information you provide is being submitted through secure or unsecured transfer. To help you learn more about our services and programs, a contact form is provided on our website. To use this form to contact us or ask us to contact you, you will need to complete the fields of information requested. The information you provide is transferred electronically to us, so that we can assist you with your request.

Where we offers secure technology, such as encryption, for you to transfer requested information to us, it will say so on the page.

If we do not offer encryption or a secure transmission for a particular request form, it will say so. Be aware that unsecured information transferred over the Internet is similar to a postcard being sent through the mail. It is strongly recommended that you do not send sensitive personal information to us--or anyone else--using unsecured means. Should you choose to supply confidential information in this manner, you do so at your own risk.

Information received through our contact form is received by Michele M. Yarberry, MA, LLC, and will remain confidential, shared with other professionals only if necessary, in affecting further assistance in answering your questions or resolving your concerns.

We provide links to other websites that may have privacy statements that are different from ours. Our website contains links to third party websites that are not affiliated with us. We are not responsible for the content or privacy statements of those websites. If you are asked to supply personal information to those websites, we suggest you read carefully through the privacy statements of those websites.

We do not share any individual data gathered online with people outside of Liberated Living, LLC and Michele M. Yarberry, LPC, NCC, RPT, unless you specifically authorize us to share your information, or unless it is required by law. In those instances where we need to share information with third parties to make your care or treatment more efficient, we will specifically ask for your authorization, except when required to do so by law.

This website is intended for use by people age 18 or older. If you are younger than 18, you should get permission from your parents or guardians to use this website. And, if you are under 18, you should not submit information to this website. Instead, ask your parent or guardian to submit information on your behalf.

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